Exchanging garlands or the Malai Mathuthal (Jaimala) ceremony is one of the most significant rituals performed in weddings.

Indian marriage is not considered to be complete till the bride and groom exchange their garlands. Jaimala is the symbol of unifying two souls into one. When Lord Rama, broke the bow, Devi Sita garlands him, which is a symbol of accepting Lord Rama as her husband.

Garlands (Malai or Jaimala) is made out of flowers and thread. Flowers symbolize happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, aspiration, zeal and beauty, whereas thread is a medium to secure all these feelings and emotions.Just as the thread never leaves the company of flowers, even though flowers after sometime loose their charm and luster, the same way wedded couple should never leave each other when they face ups and downs of life and must always move ahead with mutual understanding, love, respect, trust, faith and passion

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Our Album


John Milton Virtuoso

This company is run by John Milton who is the Creative Director.


Murthi is a very familiar face in Garlands making . He is also the captain of the team.

Patilal Murmu

Patilal Murmu is a renowned Garlands maker and well versed.

Nepal Kisku

Nepal Kisku is a famous Garlands artist and has splendid

About Garlands Team

We are Chennai based family run business with over 15 years in the floristry profession.
We are proud to say that we are the best in the business because our range of themed garlands are creative and innovative.
We can show you an album of different garlands ( Malai ) used by famous actors and actresses and you can choose whichever theme you like we can make your dreams come true